A Sign of Good Times

The management, staff and several guests of Oyster Bay Beach Resort, along with the home owners of the Oyster Pond Estates, unveiled the newly designed Border Monument / Sign at the corner of Oyster Pond Road, today. The sign was designed by architect Joseph Sistler of Joseph Allan & Company, who has overseen the design of much of the expansion and renovation occurring at the Resort over the last several years. The sign was commissioned to help guide the Resort’s guests at a critical intersection as well as to discourage unsightly home made sign proliferation at that critical intersection. The investment in a permanent monument sign for that location helps confirm Oyster Bay Beach Resort’s continued commitment to the Island and the Community.

During the unveiling Ricardo Perez, General Manager, thanked the land owner, Leslie Martina, owner of The Big Fish restaurant on Oyster Pond, for making the area available. He also thanked the Oyster Pond Estates Foundation for their support in allowing Oyster Bay Beach Resort to beautify the area with a prominent and distinctive marker for the Oyster Pond community. Perez noted that the sign will make a very helpful directional reference for instructions that are given to visitors that are unfamiliar with the area and ensure they reach the community at Oyster Pond rather than make an unscheduled visit to the French side.


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