Infinity Restaurant and Bar Reopen

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We celebrate with the owners and guests, the completion of the Infinity Restaurant and Bar and its reopening! Thank you for your patience while we worked these past months to provide you yet another stunning improvement to the Oyster Bay Beach Resort. With more than $1 million invested in the renovations, we’re confident it’s destined to become well-known as an elegant and stylish — yet casual — dining attraction for our owners and guests — as well as one of the island’s most popular dining and socializing locations.

The restaurant and bar turned out even better than we expected. You’ll enjoy its newfound elegance and vibrant Caribbean charm. A sophisticated sound system adds subtle, soothing and unique arrangements of music to enhance your dining experience.

Starting with the modern, yet very friendly and welcoming entry, Infinity has a whole new look — having been completely remodeled. All the furniture has been replaced and the ceilings and walls relocated and rebuilt. You’ll find the tables, chairs and accessories elegant and fun — with the chairs extremely comfortable. New artwork and accessories are part of the cool background look of the restaurant. There’s even a new dinner/cocktail lounge with a unique Caribbean-chic decor that’s neither restaurant nor bar, with drinks conveniently delivered. In addition, the restrooms were relocated, expanded and completely remodeled.

One of the most popular features of this remodel is the outdoor dining deck with its new and ultra-comfortable chairs, European-imported umbrellas, and newly installed opulent-looking slate floors — all overlooking the Infinity pool and the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Our new, brightly painted blue and white bar, reminiscent of a Caribbean fishing boat, is twice the size of the former bar, allowing us to comfortably serve twice the number of customers. Plus, there are also two 60-inch, big-screen TVs and two smaller TVs to keep up with the latest game in HD straight from our satellite dish. Not into sports? Well, there’s always the uniquely spectacular view of the Atlantic to enjoy with the Island of St. Barths rising out of the ocean mists just 10 miles away.

In addition to the stunning new interior design, amenities and view, you also have the choice of stepping outside to relax on the new rustic, slate-covered outdoor bar deck. It sports the same European umbrellas as the nearby Infinity deck, but most of the seating is on luxurious couches and chairs arranged community style. You’ll feel like you’re just happily melting away into a Caribbean dream as you sink into the vividly colored furniture. These colors not only perfectly complement and contrast with the ocean below, but also sync with the tropical colors of the Mainsail and Light House in the background. A much talked about feature of this remodel is our low-heat fire pit, which provides a subtle but fascinating light show on the deck. Suffice it to say that this outdoor bar deck is a blissful ambience to socialize while sipping your favorite beverage under the starry Caribbean skies.

Under the direction of our new Food and Beverage Manager, Enzo la Rosa, the restaurant’s menu has been improved. Some of the old favorites are still there, but he’s added several new, delectable dishes.

A little about Enzo: He was hired to replace the retiring, and beloved, Spartaco (to whom we will always and be grateful). He’s well-known and highly respected on St. Maarten for the iconic St. Maarten Italian restaurant, La Rosa — where he worked with his father first, learning the restaurant business and then later managing the restaurant. He also owned and operated Granduca in St. Maarten. Prior to that, he owned several restaurants in Europe, namely: La Marina-Puerto Banus in Malaga, Spain; La Giara in Taormina, Italy; and La Rosa Restaurant in St. Julian, Malta. He’s a well-trained and imminently qualified restaurant manager.

Make plans now to stop by and check out the new restaurant and bar. The restaurant is available for weddings, parties, meetings or other gatherings. Click here or find out more or call 721-543-6040 to make a reservation.