Marina Slip Ownership

Oyster Bay Marina Completed! All 38 Slips Under Contract for Sale.
Oyster Bay Beach Resort is delighted to announce the completion of the Oyster Bay Marina. The slips, piers, boatlifts and the harbor master house are now ready to use. The Marina addition allows guests to more easily take advantage of the water activities available in the beautiful Oyster Pond front bordering one side of the Resort. Diving, fishing and pleasure boats for hire are now just steps from the lobby.

Undoubtedly, this new Marina makes the Resort an even more attractive vacation destination as it greatly enhances the Resort’s amenity package and makes our Resort much more all-inclusive and convenient for our owners and guests.

The Marina, including the three harbor buildings, entryway and landscaping, was designed and built by Oyster Bay’s highly gifted and long-time architect, Joseph Sistler, principal of the Orlando, Florida-based firm Joseph Allan and Company. Mr. Sistler, in addition to being the project architect for the Marina, also acted as the construction manager. The architectural design and professional construction of the Marina and the three harbor houses make this a truly unique facility. Plus, with boatlifts on almost every slip, the Marina is extremely functional — offering owners and guests the utmost in convenience and safety.

All of the slips have been legally established so they can be conveyed to individuals for private ownership. The dock, piers and the unique, architecturally designed nautical Harbor Master’s House are owned in common by all of the Marina property owners. An independent property owner’s association has been formed for the owners to administer the Marina. Iron Shore Management, an affiliate of Oyster Bay Beach Resort, will be the manager of the Marina for the new owners.

Buyers are currently in the process of closing on their slips, and boats are moving into the purchased slips. Water sports activity boats are now in the Marina and began operating March 2, 2014.

OBBR’s Director and Corporate Cousel, Mike Dolente, is now contacting the buyers of the slips, and scheduling closings to start the week of Feb. 17 and continue until all of the slips have been conveyed. If any buyer has any scheduling questions, please call his assistant, Christine McLaughlin, in the USA, at 215-540-1100.

Almost all of the slips have been sold but there is still an opportunity to own a slip in this lovely and modern marina. Please contact Marja Beentjes, Managing Director of Lighthouse Reality, at 1-721-543-6040 x1811, to enquire about availability.

We’ll post updated pictures once the Marina’s enhancements are completed in the next two weeks.

Management thanks the owners and guests for their patience and cooperation who were temporarily impacted by the construction of the Marina. Now that construction of the new Marina is completed, rest assured the pond side of our Resort will once again take on a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The Marina and the spectacular boats expected to dock there will greatly enhance your ambiance and picturesque views.

For more details, visit To receive a prospectus, contact Marja:
1-721-543-6040 x1811, or email If you’re interested in a beautiful, safe place for your precious boat, then don’t let this opportunity “slip” away.

Oyster Bay Marina promises to be your boat’s safe haven!

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