VIP Ownership

Owners can share with their friends the beauty that is Oyster Bay Beach Resort and earn fabulous cash rewards at the same time.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort owners know the true value of timeshare ownership here: breathtaking scenery, resort living and the colorful character of St. Maarten all rolled into an annual Caribbean vacation.  We know our owners love it enough to share it with friends and relatives and we invite them to do so through our very successful Owner Referral Program.

Here’s how it works:

An owner at Oyster Bay Beach Resort can refer a friend or relative to the Resort as our VIP guest.  The VIP guest receives a discounted vacation and a tour of the Resort, and the owner can earn cash bonuses or payments toward future maintenance and upgrade fees:

To be eligible, an owner at OBBR must refer an individual who is not already a timeshare owner at the Resort.  The VIP guest can be staying with the owner at the Resort, staying at another resort on the island or simply referred by an owner.  Non-owners already staying at the Resort, without being registered with the Owner Referral Program, will not be eligible for referral by an owner.

A referring owner must be in good standing:  If they have a mortgage with Pearl Development it must be current, and they must be current on their annual maintenance fees.

If a VIP guest referred by an owner, who is properly registered with the program, buys any timeshare product at the Resort, within six months of the tour, the referring owner will be entitled to a bonus. The bonus amount will equal up to 4% of the gross sales price of a Timeshare interest, less any applicable discounts offered, up to a maximum commission of $10,000. The bonus can be paid in cash to the owner or in credits against future maintenance and upgrade fees.

Qualifications of the VIP Guest:

VIP guests must be at least 28 years old, accompanied by a spouse (if married), have an annual income of $80,000 or more for married couples and $50,000 for single clients.  To qualify, they must be first-time VIP guests and should be sincerely interested in hearing more about becoming an Oyster Bay Beach Resort owner.

Here’s what our VIP guests receive:

  1. Our VIP guests are afforded a one week stay, at any time of the year, in an efficiency unit of our choosing based on availability. VIP guests with children may request an upgrade to a one- or two-bedroom unit for the posted upgrade fee.  This vacation offer is for VIP guests only and designed to be a satisfactory experience that encourages positive word of mouth about the Resort.
  2. At the time a VIP guest is booked, OBBR will charge the guest’s credit card $900 as full payment for the use of the efficiency unit for one week (seven nights).  If the VIP Guest wishes to upgrade, all fees will be paid at that time as well. The VIP Guest will be invited to attend a Resort orientation tour during their stay. The orientation tour starts with a complimentary breakfast or lunch. When the tour is complete VIP guests will receive a premium gift for attending the tour, whether or not they buy a timeshare.  The gift is always high-end such as free snorkeling or dive trips, free tours of St. Barths or free meals at Infinity Restaurant, a stylish and relaxing restaurant at the Resort.
  3. If a VIP Guest buys any of the timeshare products offered at Oyster Bay Beach Resort, their room charge and any upgrade fee will be applied as a reduction to the purchase price of the timeshare.  However, the credit cannot be used as a down payment.

To refer a VIP Guest, referring owners should contact our special VIP program administrator, Karen Bolger at (866) 297.6978 ext.1 before 5PM ET.  Karen will help guests make their reservations and ensure that bonus payments are accurate and prompt.  Please contact her with any questions or concerns regarding the program.

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