Oyster Bay Beach Resort Does the Grocery Shopping for You

Let OBBR stock your shelves in time for your next arrival. Always looking for new ways to improve your Caribbean experience, Oyster Bay Beach Resort recently introduced our pre-arrival Grocery Delivery service.  Simply fill out the attached Excel spreadsheet with the items you’d like us to purchase on your behalf and will fill your pantry in time for your next visit.  No worries; no fees*; no grocery shopping while you’re on vacation. We’ll take care of it before you get here.

Already here at Oyster Bay? Call the front desk to place your order; your groceries will be delivered the next day.

To get started, contact the reservations department via phone (866-978-0212), or email us at reservations@obbr.com for a grocery list. If an item is not on our list, ask us; we may be able to make a special delivery.

*Oyster Bay Beach Resort’s pre-arrival Grocery Delivery service is free to guests and residents. Groceries will be charged to your resort bill and payable upon departure.


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