Oyster Bay Beach Resort Open for Business

Oyster Bay Beach Resort is pleased to announce that the island sustained little damage and the Resort remained unharmed last week when Hurricane Earl swept through the Caribbean.  The island of St. Maarten/St. Martin saw downed trees and a temporary loss of electricity due to the high winds, but no major damage was reported.  Oyster Bay Beach Resort, located on the tip of St. Maarten, escaped unscathed and remains open to visitors.

The Resort was mentioned in a recent article about Hurricane Earl written by the Associated Press.

“Alisha Daya, a 24-year-old tourist from Milwaukee, said she wore earplugs Sunday night but still had trouble sleeping because of the noise from the wind and crashing waves at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten.

“It was loud because we were right on the ocean,” said Daya, who said the storm will keep her and her parents and boyfriend from leaving the island as planned on Monday although the worst seemed to have passed….”


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