Oyster Bay Beach Resort: The Renovations Continue…

Dear Owners,

To show our appreciation and dedication to the Resort and to the owners, we’re committed to continually enhancing the OBBR experience for the Owners and all our guests. We’re doing this by aggressively moving forward with our ambitious plan to complete the renovations of the entire resort within the next two years. The comprehensive and systematic renovation of the Resort was started two years ago.

First, we have an exciting announcement regarding OBBR’s infinity swimming pool. This signature attraction will be completely restored to its original, like-new condition. The pool will be completely refinished with a Diamond Bright concrete aggregate surface and all new stylish glass tiles along the waterline. The Spa (hot tub) will be included in the complete refurbishment of the infinity pool. All the lights will be replaced with a modern, durable system that will maintain the rotating coloring of the fiber optics and LED lighting illuminating the pool for night swimming or viewing. According to OBBR General Manager Ricardo Perez, “The pool is still a marvel of the Island. The view along the infinity edge is unrivaled. It features the best views of the Island of St. Barth’s from anywhere on St. Maarten — a mere 10 miles across the channel. With the restoration of the modern and mesmerizing fiber optic lighting system we will ensure that even after the day light has faded the pool will remain the iconic structure that helps make Oyster Bay uniquely beautiful day and night.”

Because of the extensive nature of these pool renovations, the pool will be closed from approximately September 17 to October 8. To make up for any inconvenience, we’re offering special discount rates during this time. In addition, (guests will have opportunities to attend special events on the property and at other fun and fascinating locales on the Island (including water recreation and other delights). You’re encouraged to take advantage of these special rates and events by making a reservation now. If you have a reservation during this time period and would like to change it, please call 1-888-978-0212.

Second, extensive renovations to most of the Resort’s guest units are now completed, along with the addition of the new 40-unit Mainsail Pavilion. Ricardo reports renovation has commenced for the 21 ocean front units in buildings 24-28 (featuring about 10 feet of coral rock between them and the Atlantic Ocean). These units were taken out of service in mid June and are expected to be available by mid August. The style is the same vibrant — yet elegant and modern — Caribbean décor that first débuted with the opening of the Mainsail Pavilion. Renovations to these units will include new kitchen and bathroom granite counter tops, and new cabinets and kitchen equipment, as well as fresh paint and (where necessary) wall repairs and replacements. Also included are new appliances: dishwasher, microwave, stove, oven, refrigerator (including a full-size refrigerator for the lock-out unit as well), and a large screen HD TV. All the furniture and artwork — along with the bedding and mattress, pillows and soft goods (such as bedspreads and draperies) — will be replaced.

The interior design was provided by our designer, Kim Pabor, and the renovation work was planned and supervised by our architectural firm, Joseph Allen and Company and their principal architect, Joseph Sistler.

We’re confident that when these renovations are completed, the owners, exchangers and other guests will be absolutely delighted with the results. If you have any questions please call Ricardo Perez or Anne Marie Brooks at 721-543-6040. Thank you for the opportunity to continually provide you one of the world’s most blissful vacation resorts.

Iron Shore Management


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