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Oyster Bay Beach Resort’s Wi-Fi Now Up To 4x Faster!

Thanks to the local cable company installing a higher-capacity fiber optic cable, our Wi-Fi services are now not only more stable but also 3-4 times faster.

For years we’ve offered Wi-Fi services at OBBR. But our Internet speed was slowed significantly by the limited “bandwidth” capacity available on the island. This caused slower download and upload speeds than most guests typically enjoy at home. We have always tried our best to expand the capacity to the highest available level on the island at the time. However, even at maximum capacity, on busy days, speeds were affected and guests often disappointed. We paid attention to the numerous complaints from guests expressed on comment cards. Unfortunately, there was little we could do because, after all, we’re on an Island that’s only 37 square miles (that’s pretty small) and there wasn’t yet an advanced fiber optic cable systems to provide the greater capacity/speed our guests deserved.

The local cable company recently finished bringing a new, modern, fiber optic cable through mountains, valleys, and jungles to our resort. We wasted no time and quickly entered into a new contract with the cable company to purchase the new high-speed fiber optic connection, which became operational three weeks ago. Having significantly increased capacity means faster speeds for downloads and uploads on your devices, as well as smoother FaceTime talks with your loved ones back home.

Our new and improved (and faster) Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the lobby and bar areas, and for a usual and customary fee in guest rooms. By charging the fee to owners and guests choosing to use the service in their rooms, we fairly allocate the cost for the service to those guests electing to enjoy the system in the convenience of their rooms . Some owners and guests do not want to stay connected to their electronic devices while on vacation and are not interested in paying for the service — especially if they’re not using it, whether it’s in their room or in one of our complimentary hot spots.

If you feel the need to stay connected while on vacation, be sure to bring your Wi-Fi enabled devices on your next visit and enjoy our vastly improved Internet connectivity for yourself.

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New OBBR Website Makes Booking Reservations a Breeze The long-awaited new Oyster Bay Beach Resort website is now live!

Each of the six main sections (Resort, Stay, Experience, Explore, Ownership and Lighthouse Realty) and subpages feature a large, breathtaking picture along with other images that do a remarkable job capturing the beauty of the resort and the island attractions. Most of the pictures are new and display all of the recent improvements to the resort, including the new marina, Bodega and the refurbished Infinity Pool. There are some great new shots of the maturing landscape improvements that were made five years ago that make Oyster Bay Resort a shaded tropical arbor In addition to the stunning new design, visitors will notice a number of new features:

  • A new, vastly improved “booking engine” has been installed, making reserving rooms remarkably user-friendly — and quick. Reservations can be made from any page. OBBR guests will be delighted to know Lighthouse rooms can now also be booked via the website.
  • Those renting their units can take advantage of the superior booking engine that will make it much easier to turn a vacant unit into a cash-flow producing investment.
  • The new website is specially designed to be mobile-friendly. Now you can access it from any of your mobile devices!
  • There’s even a page dedicated to Lighthouse Realty, an OBBR company that can help you find your ideal condominium, apartment, home or land on St. Martin/St. Maarten. You can also search for Lighthouse, Mainsail and Spinnaker rental units available onsite at Oyster Bay Beach Resort. This makes listing your unit with Lighthouse Realty a no-brainer. Need more info? Click on the link to the Lighthouse Realty website on this page.


Kudos to Tempe, AZ-based Parker Madison for their great work on this project.

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Free WiFi Hot Spots Now Available

You can now enjoy free WiFi while staying at Oyster Bay Beach Resort. The free WiFi will be available in the lobby, courtyard, bar and lounge. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this fast, user-friendly Internet connection to browse the Web free of charge on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader, or any other wireless device while relaxing in these common areas at our premiere resort.

WiFi will still be available in guest rooms for a nominal fee.