Bulletin #5. September 11, 6 PM, EDT

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Dear Oyster Bay Beach Resort Owners and other fans and guests of the Resort,

As all of our guests have departed from the Island, we are in the process of accessing the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. We are also working on a plan to begin reconstruction. Many of our employees have suffered damage or destruction to their homes, so we have invited many to stay with us. Currently, we have 60 employees staying at the Resort. Each of these employees is in need of shelter, food, and water, which we are providing.

The security situation is improving as relief supplies, and assistance is brought to the island from Holland. Our security personnel from Sheriff Security are on their posts. In addition, we have private security people working directly with Management and patrolling the property.

Most of the employees are engaged in a massive clean- up effort to remove debris from around the resort which will help us in our damage assessment and improve the appearance of the resort. Preliminary pictures and reports show substantial damage to many of the older buildings but less damage to the Mainsail Building. The Light House, including its glass dome, held up reasonably well given the power of the storm. We cannot provide details on the loss until we complete our damage assessment. When we receive more detailed information concerning the reconstruction efforts, we will share it with you on a timely basis. We know everyone is anxious to learn of the timeline for reconstruction and the damage assessment. Rest assured, we are totally focused on getting this information to you in a responsible and timely basis. We will communicate this information to you through this site.

We continue to supply emergency generator power to half of the resort. The electric company engineers have been to the resort to inspect our electric lines as they intend to bring power to our area. We can’t estimate how long it will take to restore electricity, but as they have already brought electricity to the Hospital and the surrounding areas, we hope it is soon. It is reported that GEBE is making fresh, potable water at the water desalinization plant and are starting to distribute it to certain regions. However, we have not received water from the central water company and are drinking from bottled water. The combination of operating water and electrical plants would be a great improvement as well as a sign that the island infrastructure is prepared for the size of the reconstruction effort needed to bring the island back to its pre-hurricane level.

We are working on a plan to ensure that owners can have their vacations accommodated at other resorts until OBBR re-opens. As we work out the details, we will publish them on this site.

We will keep you informed of the extent of damage and the plan to restore Oyster Bay Beach Resort to its former beautiful state and how long that will take.

Best Wishes,

Michael Dolente
Joshua Gold