Bulletin #6, 6:30PM EDT, September 14, 2017 (revised) Please note: we have revised the phone numbers in this post to our toll free number: 866-297-6978

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Dear Oyster Bay Beach Resort Owners and other Fans,

As we have successfully evacuated all of our guests safely and expeditiously, we are now focusing on the care and well-being of our staff and the rebuilding process. It is still too early to say how long the rebuilding process will take and when we will be able to reopen. We are in contact with our insurance carriers, we have assembled our team, and we are totally engaged in gathering the information needed to process the claim. We are identifying qualified General Contractors to bid on the work and are preparing an RFB package for submission when the extent of the damage is completely identified.

We understand that our timeshare members are interested in the opportunities available to them for their usage rights during the reconstruction period. We have worked out an agreement with Interval International that assures our owners there will be weeks available for exchange at another resort in the Interval International system during the reconstruction period. Our owners also have the option of banking their available use rights with our customer service department for future vacations at OBBR when we re-open. In order to make your exchange with Interval or bank your usage, please call our customer service department in Blue Bell, Pa until we can re-open our reservation department on St. Maarten. Our Blue Bell phone number is 866-297-6978; from 8:30- 5 PM M-F. We will assign a reservation number that will allow you to complete your exchange through Interval International. The Interval International reservationists should be ready no later than tomorrow to accept reservation numbers and complete the exchange. For those people seeking to internally bank their usage for 2017, we have extended the banking deadline until November 15, 2017

We are currently housing 40 employees and families at the resort. Public electricity, while still not to OBBR, is gradually spreading out from the main plant and lighting the neighborhoods. We have one generator working for half the resort and hope to have the other one working soon to cover the whole resort. Water is still being supplied by bottled water. The food supply is sufficient at the present time thanks to General Manager Ricardo Perez securing a food supply from Puerto Ricco.

The Dutch Marines and local police have restored order on the Island. OBBR’s staff is intensely involved with cleaning up the Resort before major repairs are started. Included in this Bulletin are photos taken of the resort today after three days of intensive cleaning and piling up the debris. This clean-up is essential for many reasons, not the least of which is the boost in morale of our staff. Putting a little sparkle back in the Resort certainly provides hope and a sense of accomplishment as we move forward with the rebuilding effort one-step-at-a-time.

We understand that there is a tremendous desire for owners and other fans of OBBR to donate money to help with the aid of our employees as well as the Island as a whole. There are several GoFundMe pages for donations already established privately. We’re working on establishing a charity that can accept contributions which are deductible to the donor which hopefully will increase the number and amount of donations. We don’t know if that can be done quickly enough to help the most in need. If we can’t get it done quickly, we will establish our own GoFundMe page or some other way to make donations.

There is a photo included in the attached images that shows some of the staff saying hello to their favorite Americans and Canadians. There are many on social media asking about our employees. Hopefully, the smiling faces in this picture relieves some of the anxiety our owners feel about their friends on St. Maarten. We are determined to bring back their homes, the Island, and our Resort.

Further Bulletins to follow as we have facts to report.

Remember anyone trying to get an exchange needs to call our Blue Bell Office at 866-297-6978.