Complimentary Wi-Fi at OBBR Beginning April 16

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It’s time for your cell phones, tablets, laptops and other Wi-Fi devices to rejoice! Beginning April 16, Wi-Fi will be free for all Oyster Bay Beach Resort guests.

Previously, OBBR charged for Wi-Fi service to offset the costs of the infrastructure, maintenance and improvements for this service. The fee also helped to even out the cost among owners and exchangers to avoid any assessment increase to pay for the system.

“Now that we’ve paid for the original Wi-Fi infrastructure, it’s time we reward our guests by eliminating the Wi-Fi access fee,” said OBBR General Manager Ricardo Perez.

According to Perez, free Wi-Fi was a common request on the feedback cards submitted by the OBBR owners.

OBBR recently completed a long-term improvement program to the Wi-Fi system. The resort expanded the band width, which means faster download and upload speeds. In addition, OBBR is in the process of extending the Internet cable lines, which carry the Wi-Fi, to each Wi-Fi location. This will significantly improve the connectivity of the service.

“Make your summer reservations now for Oyster Bay Beach Resort,” Perez recommended. “And while you’re here, jump on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — or whatever your favorite social media channel may be — and tell the world you’re enjoying the picturesque Caribbean views along with the free Wi-Fi.”

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