FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to St. Maarten?

The main airport, Princess Juliana International (SXM), is located on the Dutch side of the island and is served by several major airlines that fly from major U.S. mainland cities. Most visitors connect directly from one of the hub cities or fly in via San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What is the weather like on the island?

The prevailing northeast trade winds keep the weather near-perfect, with temperatures ranging from 68º F to 81º F in coastal areas and 72º F to 86º F in inland areas. Don’t be surprised by an afternoon shower. But don’t worry; the rainstorms tend to pass quickly — allowing the sun to shine on most days. It’s important to remember to always use sun block against the intense Caribbean sun, even on cloudy days.

What documents will I need?

If you’re from the U.S. or Canada, you’ll need a passport to reenter those countries. To determine any additional documents you’ll need to bring with you to enter the island, please check the official St. Maarten website.


  • People traveling to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico and Canada are required to have a passport. For specific details, visit http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2223.html.
  • Passports are required to visit the nearby islands of Anguilla, Saba and St. Barthelemy (St. Barths).

Please check with us if you have any questions about these requirements.

How do I get to the Resort from the airport?

To get to the Resort from the airport, you can catch a taxi or rent a car. Taxis are located just outside of arrivals at the airport and will cost you about $40. You can rent a car at the airport, too. If you rent a car at the airport, you’ll receive detailed driving instructions.

What happens if we have a late arrival?

Our Front Desk has 24-hour staff coverage, so late check-ins are fine. We’ll be there to welcome you whatever time you arrive!

How do I rent a car?

Renting a car is the easiest way to get around St. Maarten. Our staff can help you. In fact, Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental is located in the Oyster Bay Beach Resort lobby, as well as at the airport. They have over 30 models for you to choose from to fit your budget and/or satisfy your desires. Reserve your rental car directly through their reservations department or through their local website. You can also call them toll-free at 1-866-978-0932 from the U.S. or 1-416-628-2863 from Canada.

If I rent a car, how do I get to Oyster Bay Beach Resort from Princess Juliana Airport?

Confused at the directions you received after renting a car at the airport? Just call our Front Desk at 1-866-978-0212 and we can help you safely navigate your way here.

Does the Oyster Bay Beach Resort have exercise facilities on site?

Yes! Our fitness center is available to all registered adult guests and owners. Children 12-16 years old may use the fitness center when accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult (age 21 or over). No one under the age of 12 is permitted in the fitness center at any time. The fitness center is open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily, and may only be accessed with your room key. Off-hour usage can be arranged by contacting the Front Desk.

Can I use my cell phone on the island?

Depending on your carrier at home and your cellular plan, your phone may work in St. Maarten. We suggest contacting your carrier before traveling so you can familiarize and understand how your mobile phone package works overseas. Please note that voice and data roaming charges can be a significant amount when traveling outside your home country. Local cellular phones are available throughout the island for daily rental or may be purchased at nominal rate. If you have any questions, please contact us at reservations@obbr.com. Or, you can simply ask the concierge once you arrive to the Resort.

Does Oyster Bay offer Internet access?

We offer two ways to obtain Internet access:

  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is complimentary during your stay.
  • Computers – The Resort also makes a computer available in the business services suite for free for our guests to use.