News Bulletin #3 6:30 PM, EDT September 8 (revised)

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Dear Concerned Friends and Relatives of OBBR Guests,

It has come to our attention through social media that people are reporting that the situation at OBBR is strained and food supplies are running out. This information is incorrect. We are in regular communication with our Managers on the Island who report that the food and water supplies are sufficient. We have established generator power to portions of the resort. The electricity will work in the kitchen of our restaurant so the freezers will work and the food will not spoil. The electricity will also allow us to light half of our resort including the entrance road which is manned by our private security force.

It has also been reported that there is widespread looting on St. Maarten. The Dutch Marines, who flew in today, man check points along major roads with the help of the local police. The Dutch Marines are also distributing food and water to the general population.

We are feverishly trying to arrange air -lift off of St. Maarten for our guests through various channels. We are trying to do it as soon as possible. We are dedicating all of our efforts to get our guests off the Island. We have had some success in our efforts. Twenty-Two of our guests were flown off the Island tonight. Their families are being notified by our corporate office and advised of their flight. We are hampered by the lack of lights at the main airport in Phillipsburg as well as the approach of Hurricane Jose. We will continue to work to get all of our guests off the Island as soon as possible. We will continue to update flight information as soon as we can confirm flights out have been assigned to our guests.

We have picked up medicine from a Pharmacy for the guests who are in need of medication resupply. We are advised by our Assistant Manager, Anne Marie Brooks, that all guest medication needs can be met.

Hurricane Jose is predicted to pass near St. Maarten on Saturday afternoon and evening. We are preparing for the storm and if the need arises we will be in a position to shelter our guests in a windowless, concrete area of our restaurant where they will be safe and secure during the storm. Maximum winds should occur between 2 PM and 6 PM. Current forecasts from NOAA Hurricane Center indicate that Jose is shifting to the North and as of 5 PM was not expected to make landfall on any island. We are hoping that St. Maarten will experience only a Tropical Storm with a much lower wind speed and rain content than Irma. All of our guests will be safely accommodated during the storm.

Our managers and staff are reporting that our guests are holding up well in difficult conditions. We are enormously grateful for the strength and resiliency of the people who are sharing a very difficult time. Everyone, including our dedicated staff, is pulling together and taking care of one another. We can’t be more thankful for their courage, which is a true measure of their character.

We will post to this site any further information as soon as we receive it.

Michael Dolente
Joshua Gold