News Bulletin from Oyster Bay Beach Resort, September 6, 6:30 PM:

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001-Pool-daytimeWe are pleased to report that all guests, employees and other visitors are safe with no reported injuries. We are extremely proud of and thankful for our dedicated managers and staff for their heroic efforts in making sure that everyone was able to safely weather a very powerful and dangerous storm.

The phone service still doesn’t work at OBBR but is functional in other parts of the Island. We don’t know when communications to Oyster Bay will be restored, but we expect it to be within 24 hours. The airport is currently closed, and we don’t know when it will reopen. It is a top priority for the Island Government to reopen the airport so the Island guests can be safely evacuated. We will report on its re-opening as soon as we hear. We know that there are anxious people who would like to leave as soon as possible.

The Resort suffered significant damage that will take some time to repair and rebuild. We are very anxious to begin the process as we are totally committed to rebuilding and repairing the entire resort. We are already making plans to do so. The Managing Directors along with our architect and interior designer intend to be on the first flight into St. Maarten to plan, along with the Island staff and Managers, the rebuilding of OBBR. We do not know yet when we will be able to begin taking reservations for guests, exchangers, and owners but we will make every effort to open the resort as soon as possible. We will know more after we fully evaluate the condition of the resort and vital infrastructure.

We are in touch with Interval International who is committed to finding alternative accommodations for your vacations as we begin the rebuilding phase. We will provide more detail on how to make a reservation at another resort through Interval International in the next several days. We look forward to the completion of the reconstruction and making Oyster Bay an even better resort than before Irma. We will provide regular updates as we learn more about the condition of the property and the time frame for the re-opening.

Best wishes to all:

Mike Dolente
Joshua Gold
Managing Directors