Ownership How about owning a piece of paradise?

OBBR is more than just a delightfully desirable place to vacation. It’s the home away from home for over 12,000 owners. Most of the guests you meet at the Resort are owners; some have been for as long as 20 years. That’s why they seem much more friendly than guests at other vacation spots, or why the evening activities seem much more personal and vibrant; everyone seems to know each other — and they do.

But the best part? You can be an owner as well.

Vacation ownership at Oyster Bay takes the hassle and potentially high cost burdens out of vacation home ownership. Vacation homes owners have real estate taxes and maintenance costs, such as roofs, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, appliances and more.

All of the hassle and worry about hotel reservations, excessive nightly room charges, daily eating requirements, and having to make new staff contacts for required services, disappear with timeshare ownership. Most of our staff have been with us for more than 10 years and know the owners and guests by name. All you have to worry about is how you want to enjoy your vacation. What makes it even better is that you only pay for the time that you actually use, and that’s at today’s prices.

OBBR offers two types of ownership at the resort. Each attracts a specific type of owner, depending on that person’s vacation habits and flexibility and personal vacation taste:

  • Flexible ownership (“Flex week”) – If you prefer flexibility with your vacation time, Flex week may better suit your needs. Flex-week owners can reserve time in a certain unit type, on a space-available basis, at any time of year. It should be noted that flex-week owners would find it more difficult to get reservations during high-demand periods, such as holidays and school breaks. So if you can schedule during off-peak season, this ownership is attractive and in most cases more affordable than fixed-week ownership. Flex-time owners often find that they love the resort so much that they purchase more Flex-time weeks or upgrade their Flex-week ownership to fixed-week ownership We make it especially easy since our upgrade policy allows owners to use all of their purchase price for their Flex week as a credit toward a fixed-week purchase price.
  • Fixed-week ownership (“Fixed week”) – If flexibility is beyond you and you must vacation at a certain time, Fixed time (where you own the same unit at the same time every year) is the way to go. You can still use your “equity” in the Fixed-week purchase to upgrade to a different week, an additional week or two, or a larger unit.


Another benefit of vacation ownership at Oyster Bay is the ability to exchange your week at Oyster Bay with another week at one of Interval International’s 2,000 high-quality resorts within their exchange network. This benefit is available to you whether you own fixed or flex time. This exchange feature is much more rewarding to our owners than most other vacation ownership resorts since Interval International Club has given us their highest rating — the highly coveted designation of a “Premiere Resort.” Having the highest rating gives our owners easy access to the best resorts in the “II System.”

OBBR also sells flex-week ownership in every fourth year and every other year increments. These are less expensive and are generally attractive to those buyers who are looking to get acquainted with our resort. All prior purchases will be credited to the purchase price of upgraded weeks. It’s our ladder to total vacation ecstasy!

Timeshare ownership can be more economical in the long run. The guest doesn’t have to worry about hotel rates increasing; they’ll have fixed their vacation nightly rate for 80+ years. All of our one- and two-bedroom units have fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. The studios have half-kitchens and dining tables and chairs. Many guests prefer to prepare and eat some of their meals in their units, saving money by not eating in expensive restaurants so often.

Any owner who refers a customer who subsequently purchases an interest at OBBR will receive a commission in accordance with our published VIP program.

For more information on our timeshare program, please contact Director of Sales, Paolo Lo Castro, at 721-543-6040.